"Way beyond my expectations." 

Harold Read
Tennessee, USA

"I love the improvements - great job!!" 



"Fabulous. More features than I probably will be able to use in a long while."

Brian Kurtz
Taylor, MI


"Fantastic! This is a vast improvement over the original version." 

Brenda Harness


"Blown away by the incredible features." 

Woody Longacre
Tempe AZ, USA


"Amazing! I LOVE it!"

Colin Green
Sydney, Australia


"Great improvement of a superb product" 

Ed Jackson
Woking, UK


"Very impressive! I have been using the SBI site builder, which in itself is an impressive tool. After seeing the new version of XsitePro though, I can honestly say that it is second to none, in terms of functionality and features." 

Cesar Campos
Sydney, Australia


"Absolutely amazing! I thought I'd seen the "BEST" website building software in XSitePro v1 - version 2 just takes website building and developing to a whole new level. Sheer brilliance!" 

Alan Howells
Stoke on Trent, UK



Wisconsin, USA


"It looks awesome. The best just got better." 

Wiltshire, UK



Judie Brown
Washington, USA


"I can hardly breathe! There is SO much stuff. I'm choking with excitement!" 

Harold Jaynes
Washington DC


"WOW! FAR-OUT! GREAT! TREMENDOUS! This is coming from a web developer, not a novice! I have so many clients that I have put on hold - waiting for the added features. These features will save me so much time which will add revenue in my pockets...It's like going from the horse and buggy to a Ferrari!"  

Betsy Parsons
Virginia, USA



Andrea Wilson
Vancouver, Canada


"Wow...so many new, exciting and upgraded features this is going to make website building a really fun project." 

Connie Upright


"I think it is a really powerful piece of software ... I am an experienced marketer, as well as a web designer with FrontPage, DreamWeaver CS-3 and others. You guys have done it again!" 

Ettione Stuckey


"Superb improvement on an already excellent tool." 

James Mitchell
United Kingdom


"Beyond all expectations!" 

Shush Arya



"WOW! WOW! WOW! There seems to be everything that anyone will need to create great content sites. And the easy tools to put video, ssn, rss feeds, and right now my mind is swimming in awe."

Steven R Shover Sr
Texas, USA


Read more testimonials about the amazing XSitePro website design software




Find answers to a few of the most commonly-asked
Pre-sales Questions here...

Below are a selections of questions, grouped by topic, that we regularly get asked by our customers. To help you make an informed purchasing decision, we've listed the questions and answers out for you in the hope you'll find what you're looking for.

If you don't find the answer to your question in the information below, don't hesitate to contact us using the question submission form.

Categories of Question (click to jump to the relevant section):

System Requirements
Working With XSitePro (currently selected)
XSitePro Features
Help and Support
Purchasing XSitePro
Hosting, Blogs and Forums

Working With XSitePro FAQs:

How Easy is it to Add Additional Content to a Site?

It's really easy to add new content with XSitePro.

Whether you're wanting to add new web pages, or elements within those pages, the process takes just a couple of minutes with the intuitive tools in XSitePro.

There are several ways of adding pages:

  • Adding individual pages
  • Using the QuickPages tool
  • Creating several pages at once with the Multi-page Creation tool
  • Splitting Pages with the auto-page-break feature
  • Importing Pages

And for adding content within your pages you have a huge selection of options, available within the designer window and from the powerful right-click menu.

Features you can add include:

RSS Feeds
XML Links
Search tools
PayPal Buttons
Amazon Product Ads
Oxado Ads
And much, much more besides

There's really no limit to the content you can add to your XSitePro web pages - as much as you can imagine and more!

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Can I Have Lots of Different Page-types (Like Sales Pages, Adsense Pages, etc.)?

XSitePro enables you to create limitless types of page layout and style - that's the beauty of using a full-powered web design application like XSitePro as opposed to inflexible template-only site design applications.

With full control over the page design, structure and content you can design pretty much anything from a simple sales-letter to a thousand-page corporate site. The choice is really down to you.

Whatever your objectives on-line, you can be sure XSitePro will be able to help you achieve them, over and over again.

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If I Want to Use a Header That I Designed Can I Load This Into the Software?

Yes - no problem!

XSitePro's powerful Page Layout design tab allows you to fully-customize your global site design to your heart's content.

Not only can you add your own header graphics into the layout design, you can also completely customize the different panels (sections of the page design), changing their dimensions and colors, inserting text/images, even adding global site elements such as site-search or name-grab forms.

And once you're happy with the overall effect, the great news is that all of the web pages you add will inherit that quality design by default - making the process of adding consistently high quality pages to your site a snap! 

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I Have an Existing Website but it Was Not Created By Using XSitePro - is it Possible to Use XSitePro to Edit it?

XSitePro can import "clean" (i.e. relatively simple) HTML pages that were generated in other web site design applications.

This said, it is usually far better to start over with a fresh XSitePro site, adding pages anew, than import - the reason for this is that then you can be sure your pages are properly formatted, and do not contain any coding or layout issues, inherited from another program's page content.

And creating page content with XSitePro is very straightforward and quick, too, so you'll more than likely be able to just copy and paste your text elements from your old pages into your XSitePro pages in no time at all.

And, once you have that brand new XSitePro site, editing the site in future is going to be easier than ever before - page edits take seconds and updating your site's content becomes a no-brainer.

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Is the SEO within XSitePro Easy to Use?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of XSitePro's strengths, and it's why you'll find plenty of people in the XSitePro forums posting delighted messages like:

"#2 Ranking in Google in three days!"


"Top-position for my keywords in two days!"... 

XSitePro helps you create search-engine friendly pages in a number of ways, including:

Powerful SEO Analysis Tool suggesting improvements
Good quality interlinking, between pages
Siloing Feature to allow good page-rank flow
Prompts to remind you to provide essential information
Reports - action lists for improving your site's SEO
And more...

Even if you only complete the recommended steps, suggested by the Page Analysis tool in XSitePro you'll already be ahead of the vast majority of web site builders out there!


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Can I Convert My Version 1 Websites Into Version 2 Websites?

Yes you can.

To trigger the version one site conversion process, go to the XSitePro 2 Program Folder, form your Start Menu, in Windows, and you'll find a tool in the folder called "XSPVersion1Convertor"

Run that program, and XSitePro 2 will bring all of your existing version one websites into XSitePro version two for you, automatically.

Just for your piece of mind, all of your version one web sites will also remain fully accessible to your installation of XSitePro version 1 - so there is no risk of you losing anything at all in the conversion process.

This makes the whole process of upgrading from version one to the powerful XSitePro v2 software a completely painless process. And with the enhanced and improved version two software now at your disposal, you can set about adding all manner of great features and functionality, to improve your version one sites.

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Does the Software Come with the PSD Files of the Templates it Has?

No, but don't worry! You can edit all of the template design components if you want...

If you'd like to customize the templates that ship as standard with XSitePro 2 you can, by following the simple guide below:

STEP 1: Go to the Other tab, in your copy of XSitePro

STEP 2: Click the "Resources Manager" button

STEP 3: Select all of the image files you'd like to customize by holding your CTRL key (on your keyboard) while clicking on the image file-names, in the resources list.

STEP 4: With the images selected, right-click with your mouse on ONE of those selected images, in the list. 

STEP 5: From the menu that appears, click the "copy locally" option.

STEP 6: Save a copy of the images to your hard-drive.

STEP 7: Open and edit any (or all) of the graphic files you saved locally, making sure not to alter the file-name of the image during the process.

STEP 8: With the images edited, back in the resources manager, click the "Add" button

STEP 9: Browse to and select all of the (now modified) images from your hard drive

STEP 10: Make sure you save the images to the "Images" folder

STEP 11: When prompted, confirm that you would like to overwrite the existing files.

STEP 12: When finished, close the Resources Manager window and view the "Page Layout" tab to see your changes applied.

In this way, you can actually create new versions of the existing templates, or make simple changes, as you require.

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I Am a Website Developer - One of My Customers Wants Me to Build a Website, and He Would Like to Maintain it with XSitePro - How Would This Work?

All you need to do is make sure your client has their own copy of XSitePro (so that they can edit the web site files as they require). 

Once you have established this, the process of collaborating over web site designs is a pleasantly simple one with this powerful software.

Simply create the site for your client, then export the full site (including Publishing details) using the Export tool, in XSitePro. This will generate a single XSE file that you can simply e-mail to your client.

Once received, your client may then import the web site into their XSitePro project folder and edit to their heart's content.

This is a really elegant solution to collaboration, and empowers your client too, as they doubtless will save time and money making minor edits themselves, a great benefit you can offer as part of your service.

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Can XSitePro Be Used As a Landing Page Which Can Forward Viewers to My Other Web page?


XSitePro can be used to create any kind of web page, be it a landing page, informational newsletter, splash page, opt-in page, product information page, article page, or just about any other type of page you can think of!

With XSitePro, pretty much the only limitation for page types that you can create is your own imagination... so be creative!

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Can I Create More Than One Website?

Yes. XSitePro allows you to create limitless numbers of web sites.

This is great for a number of reasons - firstly, it takes the pressure off getting it right first time... So if you're not happy with your site for any reason, you don't need to worry - you can just start over.

It's also great news, secondly, because these days very few people operate only one site, in isolation. Search engines are ultra-targeted in the sites to which they will ultimately send traffic, and so it really pays to consider operating a number of what are called "feeder sites" that feed into your 'main' site.

In this way, you can compete more effectively for niche traffic (less competition, of course) and re-route that traffic to your main, more general site.

It's a tactic that has been proven for years now, and one to which (since you only pay once with our software) XSitePro 2 is ideally suited.  

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Can I Edit The Raw HTML?

Yes you can.

XSitePro features a full HTML editor within the Web Pages tab, so if you're so inclined you can roll up your sleeves and get stuck into the HTML code as much as you want!

Not only does XSitePro feature an HTML editor, the editor itself neatly 'color codes' the HTML within the editor, and lays out the code in an organized fashion, to make editing the HTML a pleasure for those who are happy doing so... 

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Can I Import My Existing Sites?

Yes, if you are an XSitePro version 1 user, and would like to import your version one sites, one-by-one into XSitePro 2, that's no problem at all.

To go about this, simply export your site from XSitePro version 1 using the "Export" button, in the Project management Screen.

Then, having exported the site to an XSE file, you can import the site into your copy of XSitePro 2. Simple as that!

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